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excellent! if you want to find a better translator, you will not find one. i have tried them all and this is the best!
Bourgeois iii - Business Analyst - 10th Nov 2011
Practico y util, muy util y practica aplicacion para mis 2 hijitas preciosas
Translation from spanish: Practical and useful, very useful and practical application to my 2 beautiful daughters.
Gusalexanapauvero - 19th Oct 2011
Not bad, not bad at all...I find that, according to my 'only Spanish speaking' friends, it seems to be a bit more accurate than google translate. Thanks for your help!
ADR.flyaway - 31st Oct 2011
いいですよ~. 大好きです。
Translation from japanese: It is great. I love it.
BlackJapan26 - 17th Nov 2011
This is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn a language at any level 10 out of 10.
mr teve300661 - 29th Dec 2011
Top App, Very useful translating tool. I'm learning Korean at the moment and this application is a great help.
Richard Sedgman - 5th Jan 2012
Great app. Highly recommended!
brookstar74 - 27th Jan 2012
Superior, This is an excellent translator as it allows you to listen how it sounds whole phrases in other languages. - 29th Jan 2012
GREAT APP!!!, Fast. Quite accurate and I love that I can hear the correct pronunciation.
Loriann476 - Student - 24th Feb 2012
Formidabelt! - Det er flott! Jeg kan snakke norsk nå!
Translation from norwegian: Formidable! -It's great! I can speak Norwegian now!
Antonio vl - 20th Dec 2011
Great for beginners, I downloaded this app while learning German and am finding it great helping me learn how to put sentences together :)
Cerah6788 - 6th Mar 2012
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